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My name is Michal Forišek. I often use my nickname mišof (or "misof" whenever I'm forced to use 7-bit ASCII). Today I'm approximately 43.11 years old. As you can surely guess, that's me in the picture.

I'm a full-time lecturer at the "matfyz" (Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Informatics, Comenius U). In September 2009 I defended my PhD thesis on rating systems.

I'm involved in programming contests:

I love listening to music (most often it's folk&country, but my tastes range from classical music to various flavors of metal). I had my share of attempts to play on a guitar and on a recorder, but I'm not too good at either. I like playing discgolf, badminton, volleyball, ultimate, I like rollerskating, trampolines, and canoeing. I love reading books, most of the stuff I read is SF. I enjoy organizing camps for younger kids, I spent almost two years of my life on such camps.

I dislike tomato soup, proprietary and closed software, file formats and protocols, software patents, and many other things. But let's keep the tone of this page positive and skip the rest of the list, okay?


My e-mail address: misof at ksp sk.
You can download my GPG public key.