Scapegoat tree

Invented by Andersson (GB-trees, 1989), Galperin, Rivest (1993)
  • lazy insert: let the tree grow and from time to time, when a subtree gets too imbalanced, rebuild the whole subtree from scratch into a perfectly balanced tree
  • lazy delete: just mark the node for deletion; when \(n/2\) nodes are marked, rebuild the whole tree and throw away all deleted nodes
  • relatively easy implementation (no rotations)
  • parameter \(\alpha\) enables a trade-off between time spent for rebuilding and maximum height guarantees
  • the \(O(\log n)\) time for insert and delete is only amortized, individual operations may take \(\Omega(n)\) time
Implementation: sg_set, sg_multiset, and sgtree classes in Boost.Intrusive library
[You can download the application for offline viewing.]


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